Free, 0ne-year Legion membership for retired Canadian Armed Forces members

The Legion is pleased to provide Veterans that have retired from the Canadian Armed Forces within the last year with a free one-year Legion membership, including a subscription to Legion Magazine and access to the Member Benefit programs. Available to Veterans who have not yet joined the Legion, this is a great way to get to know the organization.

Being a Legion member offers opportunities to improve the lives of those who served, remember the Fallen and support your community — and every member makes a difference. To get more involved with Legion activities in your community and to add your voice to our advocacy efforts and the future of the Legion, apply through the Retired Military Member at Large program and bring your membership card to any Legion Branch to request a transfer to that Branch.

Please complete the Retired Military Member at Large Application Form and return:

By mail:      Membership Section
                    86 Aird Place, Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1

By Fax:        613-591-9335

By Email: