Mark Barham



Mark’s focus at the Dominion Command as Dominion Treasurer has been, and continues to be the long term financial viability of the organization, thereby, ensuring the continued delivery of programs to meet the organization’s objective of service to veteran’s and their families, coupled with that of Remembrance.


As the son of a World War II Veteran, Mark has been an associate member in the Royal Canadian Legion since 1975, including his recent life membership award from Branch 264 Kensington Legion, in Calgary, Alberta. He has held a variety of offices at his branch, and currently serves in the appointed position as chairman of Business Redevelopment of the Branch.   Mark previously held the Office of Provincial Treasurer for the Alberta Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Mark is a director of the Whitney Victory Barham Foundation, established after the passing of Mark’s oldest Daughter, Whitney, in an accident. To date, the foundation has built 6 Playgrounds for underprivileged children in the Caribbean, besides providing outreach to the area homeless and underprivileged children in Calgary.


Mark has been an Entrepreneur having owned and operated several businesses.   He recently sold his interest in a 9 restaurant chain in Calgary, after operating them for almost 20 years and employing almost 300 people. His success has allowed him to devote his attention to his Legion redevelopment in Calgary, and to ensure delivery of his mandated responsibilities as Dominion Treasurer.


Mark attended Laurentian University in the Honors Business Administration for two years and then transferred to the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with an Economics Degree with a Major in Macro Economics and a Major in International Policy.   He then attended York University in the Masters of Business Administration Program majoring in Economics and International Policy. Upon the advent of a family tragedy, Mark began a long career with a large Multi-National company where he earned numerous awards.


Mark is an avid hunter and fisherman. He enjoys reading and writing, and is in the process of finishing a book, which he expects will be published in the next year.   Mark continues to pursue the next sunset, and sunrise, with an unending expectation of what can be.